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Scott's Priorities

What has Scott been up to?

As a life-long Republican and conservative, Scott's priority as a commissioner will be to protect the taxpayers of Craven County.  To this end, he will focus on the following:

Keeping Taxes Low - In this period of economic uncertainty, Craven County will not be able to count on an expanding tax base to ensure adequate  tax revenues. Protecting a low tax rate is our best bet to foster economic growth. Scott has led the efforts to cut property tax rates in the past and will work to do so in the future.

Fostering Job Creation -  MCAS Cherry Point and the Fleet Readiness Center East provide Craven County with a sound employment base, but these assets must be protected.  Working to secure the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will protect current jobs and help our community generate new opportunities for decades to come. See article.

Protection of Property Rights -  As Craven County grows, so will pressure to implement new and more elaborate zoning ordinances. The protection of individual property rights will be a chief priority.

Commitment to Service - Scott will hold monthly office hours throughout the 4th District on a rotating basis. Town Hall meetings will be held to address major issues before the Board, including meetings to consider the County's annual budget.

Serving on the Craven County Board of Commissioners and other boards and commissions keeps Scott busy.  Below learn more about:

Keeping Taxes Low - In adopting our most recent budget, Craven County taxpayers were asked to provide nearly $1.7 million in additional funds to address increased commitments to Craven County Schools and the implementation of Obamacare.  See Scott's Letter to the Editor outlining his position on the 2016-17 budget HERE.

Fostering Job Creation - Allies for Cherry Point's Tomorrow recently held an outstanding fundraising event in Carteret County to help underwrite its advocacy efforts in Raleigh and Washington, DC.  Scott also recently met with Governor McCrory and Sen. Thom Tillis to discuss new job opportunities at FRC East. 

Protection of Property Rights -  We enjoy minimal zoning in Craven County.  However, from time to time we do hear from folks concerning signs, animals, solar farms and wind turbines.  Let Scott know you have nay any concerns.

Commitment to Service - Scott recently helped a county resident to gain access to health care, worked with Craven Schools to re-rout a school bus, and got the lawn cut at a vacant commercial lot.  Big or small, Scott is ready to help with your problem.